source{d} Releases Enterprise Edition with New Features

source{d}, a data platform for the software development life cycle (SDLC), is releasing a new Enterprise Edition with built-in visualization, management capabilities, and advanced analytic functions.

source{d} enables enterprises to aggregate all SDLC data sources into one data lake where they can easily extract, load and transform source code, version control data, project tracking data, build systems data, configuration files and more.

Built-in queries and analytic reports abstract away the complexity of analyzing SDLC data history at scale and automatically suggest what metrics to look at while giving users the freedom to build their own. 

source{d} Enterprise supports most software project management systems and business intelligence tools and ships fully-integrated with Apache Superset, a modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application.

From CIO to managers, everyone in the IT organization can benefit from customizable analytic solutions for IT modernization and software compliance, cloud-native and DevOps transformation, engineering effectiveness, and talent management.

With support for distributed processing across multiple nodes and cross joining of external data sources, source{d} Enterprise is purposely built to handle very large and complex SDLC data and engineering teams.

source{d} Enterprise also comes with a series of add-ons in the form of advanced queries and user-defined functions to help enterprises overcome specific challenges such as identity matching or code duplication analysis.

“source{d}  enables large engineering organizations to better monitor, measure, and manage their IT initiatives by providing a platform that empowers IT leaders with actionable data,” said Eiso Kant, CEO, source{d}. “The release of source{d} Enterprise is a major milestone towards proper engineering observability of the entire software development life cycle in enterprises.”

Also today, source{d} announced the private beta release of source{d} Community Edition with built-in visualization, management capabilities, analytical queries and GitHub support.

Individual Developers, small companies, and open source project maintainers can leverage this community Edition for free to get visibility into their codebase foundation, compliance with development guidelines and overall productivity metrics.

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