vFunction Assessment Hub Enables Enterprises to Prioritize App Modernization Efforts

vFunction, providers of a platform to apply AI to application modernization, is releasing the vFunction Assessment Hub, using AI to accurately calculate the effect of technical debt across applications, their negative impact on innovation, predict the benefits of refactoring, and then integrate seamlessly into an automated refactoring platform.

Companies can now identify the most egregious innovation killers in their application estate, build more accurate and impactful business cases to modernize complex apps, and increase the success rate of their application modernization projects, according to the vendor.

The AI-powered solution measures app complexity based on code modularity and dependency entanglements, measures the risk of changes impacting stability based on the depth and length of the dependency chains, and then aggregates these to assess the overall technical debt level. It then benchmarks debt, risk, and complexity against the organization’s own estate, while identifying aging frameworks that could pose future security and licensing risks.

vFunction Assessment Hub directly leads to refactoring, re-architecting, and rewriting applications with the vFunction Modernization Platform. vFunction’s AI-powered, data-driven approach to app modernization equates to accurate higher quality results, and more actionable conclusions than the manual approaches that exist today, according to the company.

“Technical debt and innovation are two sides of the same TCO coin—and debt has an inverse effect on innovation—you can’t solve one without addressing the other,” said Moti Rafalin, CEO and Co-founder, vFunction. “Traditionally, app modernization has been risky, costly and slow, but it doesn’t need to be. Our top priority is to provide customers and partners with a powerful, automated and low-cost assessment solution that helps to democratize the way legacy app assessment, planning, and modernization is addressed today.”

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