2012 Unisphere Research Social Media and Business Intelligence Research Findings Unveiled at SHARE in Atlanta Last Week

75% of organizations are not collecting data from their social media networks. That is the top-line finding of a new Unisphere Research study which was presented at the 2012 SHARE ExecuForum, March 12-13 in conjunction with SHARE in Atlanta last week.

A deeper look reveals that this does not signal a bleak day for social media data collection. While adoption rates for measurement of social media networks appear low today, organizations plan to begin monitoring and analyzing this data over the next one to five years. Planned investments in this area continue to trend upward each year. This trend signals that the social media business intelligence market is still in an "early adopter" phase, but is rapidly growing in relevance.

"Social media monitoring and data collection will be one of the fastest growth areas for business intelligence vendors over the next several years as companies try to gain competitive advantage by getting closer to their customers," says to Peter Auditore, Principal at Asteria Research, "This represents not only a new IT discipline, but a great opportunity for vendors to create and deliver products, services, thought leadership and best practices for conducting Social CRM."

The study, a joint effort of SHARE Inc. and GUIDE SHARE EUROPE, is based on a global sample of 711 total respondents comprised primarily of North American respondents (62%) with another 30% coming from European countries. The majority of the respondents (65%) are IT professionals with the balance (35%) representing line-of-business, management and other business functions.

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