5 Reasons the Mainframe has a Vibrant Future


A recent SHARE blog post based on research from Computer Business Review (CBR) outlined five reasons why the mainframe’s future is looking bright. Take a look at several reasons why the mainframe is designed for the long haul:

The mainframe has always been a flexible technology that advances right alongside changing IT needs. "It has continuously evolved, as we completely renew it every two years. It's actually only ever as old as the latest release,” Deon Newman, vice president of System z marketing at IBM, told CBR. 


Because of its ability to grow with the times, the mainframe will not only continue to support these fundamental operations, but also serve as the core infrastructure for mobile and other next generation technologies.

There has been no shortage of new technologies over the years vying for the mainframe’s market share. But through it all the mainframe has persisted, and today it thrives, as the workhorse companies know they can rely on.

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