A Call to Action: Preserve SHARE’s Past for the Future

SHARE Past President Anne Caluori is working to collect and catalog important documents from SHARE’s more-than-60 years of history. 

Many of SHARE's long-standing member organizations participated in key working groups, producing white papers, cooperating in technical task forces, and developing presentations that, in retrospect, have influenced the complex computing industry from the 1960's to today. "Many of these members' delegates were involved with foundational work as the industry matured,” she said. “It’s likely that some, if not all, of their papers still exist. We just need to find them.”

Some of SHARE's members read and responded to previous blog features by sending her boxes of content — from whitepapers to technical reports to industry literature. Caluori hopes to keep the project on participants’ radar by providing this update and repeating the invitation for additional members who might have old SHARE documents.

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