A Conversation with Doug Balog, General Manager for System z, IBM: Part 1 and 2

Doug Balog, IBM General Manager for System z reflects on his SHARE in San Francisco experience and answers questions from SHARE’s social media community. 

Now that SHARE in San Francisco has concluded, it’s time to look back and reflect on another successful event. Gain insight from IBM’s General Manager for System z and the SHARE in San Francisco keynote, Doug Balog. Not only did Balog speak in San Francisco, he participated in an executive panel and ExecuForum and demonstrated his organization’s commitment to the mainframe community. As a longstanding and experienced industry representative, Balog offers an enormous amount of influence and advice to the mainframe community.

As a mainframer, take the opportunity to learn more from one of the experts in the industry. The conversation includes Balog’s answers to questions from SHARE’s social media followers. Read part one  and part two  of our conversations with Balog.

For a recap of the technical content covered at SHARE in San Francisco, including an overview of Balog’s keynote presentation, read the wrap up article. The article is a sampling of what you can expect when you attend SHARE events. Don’t miss SHARE in Boston  this August!