Advanced z/OS Content at SHARE in Pittsburgh

You wanted more advanced z/OS content, and we listened.

SHARE in Pittsburgh, August 3-8 is offering a variety of user and hands-on sessions for advanced enterprise IT professionals.  

Choose from z/OS sessions including:

  • System z Processor Consumption Analysis, or What is Consuming All the CPU?
  • Performance Monitoring and Autonomic Computing
  • DFSMShsm CDS Deep Dive
  • How to Use Hidden RMF Features to Ensure Storage Availability
  • The Evolution of Managing Real Storage and zFLASH's Impact
  • z/OS Debugging: Old Dogs and New Tricks
  • z/OS Virtual Storage Debugging: How to solve 80A, 878 and Related Abends
  • z/OSMF: A Sysprog Explains How to Really Use It

Browse the full session schedule and register now to experience the best in z/OS and much more technical content across more than 500 sessions at SHARE in Pittsburgh.