Attend SHARE in Orlando to Experience Innovative Sessions on Today’s Most Current Topics in Enterprise IT

Looking for the most recent developments in software architecture? Do you wonder how Watson will impact your business and Enterprise IT down the road? Join us for SHARE in Orlando, Florida, August 7 - 12 where you'll find sessions designed to keep you ahead of the curve. Technical sessions will address important issues and trends IT professionals are facing today. Below is a sample of hot topics that we will explore at SHARE in Orlando:

  • Implications of Watson to Enterprise IT: If you watched IBM's Watson take on and soundly defeat the two ranking champions on Jeopardy!, you may have wondered how or even if, this impressive mix of hardware and software technology impacts real-world situations. SHARE in Orlando will enlighten you. The impact ranges from project management, such as how you bring in a complex hardware/software project with many unknowns, to extensions into real-world applications like medical diagnosis, and beyond.
  • Cloud Environments in the Enterprise: Take full advantage of cloud computing by becoming familiar with its intricate details and the latest issues and trends. In this series of sessions, SHARE attendees will learn from and network with enterprise cloud computing professionals and experienced users. Leave with ideas and examples to immediately utilize in leveraging the cloud and an increased understanding of the entire Cloud Computing spectrum, from architecture to storage to security.
  • Architecture Summit: As an architect, it is crucial that you are current on the latest innovations, allowing you to accurately assess their value to your company's business. Plan to engage with vendor and client experts on topics such as practical platform selection, establishing collaborative application lifecycles and saving costs through application modernization. You'll also enjoy networking with your peers to gain fresh insight on what works and what needs work.

Visit the SHARE in Orlando Web site for the most up-to-date information and program details. A full session list will be available by June 6.