Banks Seek Young Mainframe Talent to Overcome Skills Shortage

Banks have a message for recent grads with IT degrees – we want you. Find out why in the recent SHARE blog post.

As mainframe programmers retire, banks are having a tough time recruiting replacement talent with the right background who also want to work in a bank. But banks, with the help of some IT industry initiatives, are working to foster young talent and entice them into the fold.

The need for talent, however, is good news for recent grads with mainframe skills. Banks, eager to recruit and retain them, are working to increase the appeal of their environment.

SHARE’s zNextGen community offers peer-to-peer learning as well as technical skill training for young mainframe professionals. Among the many zNextGen offerings, members can take advantage of online courses from Marist College and Interskill to enhance their skills and prepare them for a long career on the mainframe.

Read the full post to learn more about the ongoing struggle banks have to recruit young mainframe talent.