Cognitive DevOps: Using Data to Improve DevOps Practices

Technology and analytics are being used to improve processes in all areas of business. Software development is no exception, and the leading driver of this revolution is DevOps. At SHARE San Jose 2017, IBM developer Gary Mazo spoke about cognitive DevOps and leveraging data to help teams work more effectively through analysis, insight, and optimization. While there are a number of tools available than can help you gain insights to optimize work processes, Mazo outlined three of IBM’s most commonly used analytics products and how these tools can help DevOps teams. 

Learn more and watch Mazo’s full presentation, “Cognitive DevOps: Get Rid of the Guesswork to Improve Software Delivery” from SHARE San Jose 2017. Want even more great DevOps content? Check out other presentations from SHARE events in the SHARE Content Center.