DevOps Transformation is About Gaining the Speed to Face Industry Pressures

An enterprise decides it needs to implement DevOps principles in its IT organization. A z/OS developer asks, “Why change? Everything works just fine now.” The answer, according to DevOps evangelist and IBM Distinguished Engineer Rosalind Radcliffe, is simple: if you are not delivering business value – applications, products, and ideas – faster than your competitors, your existing development processes and practices don’t work as well as you think they do. In a recent SHARE presentation, Radcliffe explained that skepticism is common in any organization transformation, and DevOps is no exception, but it’s important for IT leaders to involve other stakeholders in early discussions around the goals and expected benefits of a DevOps transformation from the very beginning. 

Read more about the ways in which DevOps affects all aspects of the enterprise and how to ensure your DevOps transformation runs smoothly, and watch Radcliffe’s full presentation, “DevOps for the Enterprise.”