Enough Cloud Hype, Now It's Time for Results

New Blog Posting By Pedro Pereira

The vibe surrounding cloud computing at SHARE in Atlanta was all about forgetting the hype and dealing with reality. Attendees came looking for results after hearing for years about the computing model that reduces costs while increasing flexibility and scalability. Veteran tech journalist Pedro Pereira discusses the cloud computing content at SHARE in Atlanta in the SHARE's President's Corner.

Not only were attendees treated to examples of successful cloud computing implementations in some of the cloud-focused sessions, but they were also enlightened to lessons learned during those implementations.

Presenters including Diana Donnellan, former IBM business development executive, Mike Buzzetti, IT Architect, Frank J. De Gilio, IBM distinguished engineer, Michael Wojton, IBM senior systems analyst and keynote speaker Ray Jones, IBM Vice President shared first-hand knowledge of their experiences in the area - both challenges and successes. Presentations touched on everything from the definition of cloud computing and its origins to how it's implemented and how companies are improving their bottom lines and driving innovation with cloud. Ray Jones also shared IBM's vision of cloud and System z working together to deliver mission critical business results.

Read Pereira's full article to learn more about these stories and to find out why the author believes that cloud adoption isn't any different from the evolution of technologies that have come before.