For Cloud Flexibility, Look No Further than the Mainframe

We all know that one of cloud computing’s most attractive attributes is flexibility, which some people may not associate with the mainframe. But those people are not mainframers. The mainframe actually does provide all the benefits of cloud computing – and the virtualization that provides the cloud’s underpinnings.  
Pedro Pereira explores why the mainframe is a good investment for environments that demand flexibility in the most recent blog post on the SHARE President’s Corner.

Pereira explains why an increasing number of decision makers are finding it easier and more manageable to invest in mainframe technology for their cloud and data analysis needs, rather than investing in server farms and components sourced from multiple vendors.

Key reasons include the fact that IBM’s zEnterprise is capable of handling much more than only batch jobs and business transactions and that IBM has a rapid deployment model – promoting that a solution can be up and running in less than a week. Organizations also have the option of employing their zEnterprise environments to monitor mobile networks, thereby accelerating resolution whenever there’s a problem.

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