Grow the Mainframe Community and Yourself: Interview with ZAmbassador Marwa Thabet

Cultivating community is a top priority in the mainframe space. IBM Z Ambassadors, or ZAmbassadors for short, represent just one program aimed at growing the mainframe community, with ambassadors in at least 17 countries. Each ZAmbassador volunteers in their local student community and plays a key role in advocating for IBM Z enterprise computing. These ambassadors not only build the IBM Z student community, but also spread the word about the Master the Mainframe competition and other learning opportunities with members of their campus communities. In return, they get a chance to build their own skills, bolster their resumes, expand their networks, and foster a stronger mainframe community — all with the help of IBM mentors.

In our first interview in this ongoing series spotlighting ZAmbassadors worldwide, read about Marwa Thabet, a Ph.D. student in computer science at ISITCOM in Tunisiain.

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