Incorporating Security Intelligence and Cognitive Security for Threat Detection

Any effective data security system needs to be built as an integrated and intelligent security immune system, according to Julie Bergh, World Wide Lead Z Security Champion for IBM. According to Julie, security once mainly consisted of perimeter controls such as firewalls and web gateways. Then, about a decade ago, the landscape evolved to security intelligence, which leverages analytics to collect and make massive amounts of real-time data flow. Most recently, cognitive security arrived on the scene. Julie calls this “Cognitive, Cloud and Collaboration” because it allows you to interpret, learn and process shared security intelligence at a speed and scale like never before. Now, Julie says, your security environment should incorporate all three elements. 

In her presentation at SHARE Providence, Julie explained why security intelligence alone isn’t enough, and discussed cognitive security practices that can take your security environment to the next level. Read more and watch the full presentation.