Just Announced: SHARE in Seattle 2010 Conference Themes

SHARE events provide what no other conference venue does - a non-stop interactive experience for attendees to address their organization's technological and business needs. At SHARE in Seattle, March 14 - 18 at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, SHARE is offering the information you need to thrive in an enterprise environment.

Two of the leading business issues in the IT industry are cloud computing and the alignment of IT with an organization's core business needs. In Seattle, SHARE will focus on these conference themes.

  • Enterprise Virtualization & Cloud Computing: As companies throughout the world examine the business value of cloud computing, it is important to understand how cloud can lower IT expenses. Based on a shared infrastructure where pools of resources are linked together, clouds can be delivered in private, public or a hybrid of both to provide the delivery of services.

  • IT & the Bottom Line: To be effective, IT must be aligned and attuned to the service needs and strategies of the core business. IT organizations must continuously deal with competing budget priorities in these difficult economic times and demonstrate their worth by contributing to organizational effectiveness and efficiencies, while realizing cost-savings. Read more.

To learn more about SHARE, and the upcoming conference in Seattle, visit SHARE's Web site today.