Mainframe Data Security: Looking Down the Wrong End of the Telescope?

For many organizations, data is as much a terrifying liability as it is a valuable asset. In his new SHARE’d Intelligence article, Mark Wilson of RSM Partners asks, “My question is this: are we, as an industry, looking at data the wrong way? Are we missing a trick when it comes to understanding, managing and securing our data?” 

“You don’t need me to tell you that unimaginable volumes of data are created every second. Data is the cornerstone of business in the digital age. Just look at Google, Twitter, and Facebook, for example, mining those rich seams for actionable insight and knowledge to monetize. In the mainframe world, we have IMS, Db2, and the transaction processing monitors that access all this data, including CICS and IMS. The scale is staggering: it’s been estimated that, by 2020, there will be 44 zettabytes of data (one billion terabytes) in a world with 50 billion smart devices – or to put it another way, 50 billion attack vectors. And that’s just the start: this will all continue to mushroom as the Internet of Things gets a proper grip.” 

Read on for his tips to secure all those data assets so you can best utilize them.