Mainframe Matters: The Unsung Heroes of Government Agencies

The mainframe is at the core of technology strategy in many industries, but critics often question whether it is still relevant. In this “Mainframe Matters” series, we’re examining some of the industries where the mainframe plays a critical role, and answering the question: Why does the IBM Z matter today?

So far in this series, we’ve discussed the essential role the mainframe plays in the finance and healthcare industries. Next, we turn our attention to government. From the IRS to the National Weather Service to state court systems, government agencies of all kinds rely on the mainframe to host their most important, mission-critical applications.

What is it about the mainframe that makes it such a strong platform for government agencies? We spoke with Mike Riggs, manager of systems and database administration in the Office of the Executive Secretary at the Supreme Court of Virginia, to find out what role the mainframe plays in the judicial branch of government. 

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