Mainframe Security? It’s About the Processes

Renee Ferguson discusses the Mainframe and its  security processes.

SHARE spotlights its latest article, "Mainframe Security? It’s About the Processes," highlighting Mainframe security both historically and as it functions today. With an ever-changing technological world, there is no doubt the mainframe has had to adjust to stay current with today’s demands. Although it is an open discussion on whether or not the mainframe is actually hackable, people have strong opinions on either side.

Doug Balog, General Manager for System z at IBM, shares his thoughts, “It’s not just about the product. It’s about the processes that run the product. System z has a long heritage of being secure but I’ll never go so far as to say anything is unbreakable, because security is not just about the product itself. While it plays an important role, it’s also the corporation’s security practices related to their processes and the people that are part of those processes.” Security comes down to more than just mainframes, encompassing the company’s overall security practices and objectives.

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