Mainframe Skills Shortage Could Hinder Big Data

Ever wonder where all of the IT knowledge is stored?

Computerworld recently released a study
on the average age of programmers and the major effects their retirement could have on the future of the IT industry, in particular, Big Data. Mainframers are highly talented programmers who have developed their IT intelligence over decades of experience. Pedro Pereira, experienced tech writer, discusses the importance of polished programmers instilling their knowledge to the younger generation in order for databases to remain properly protected in his blog post, Mainframe Skills Shortage Could Hinder Big Data.

For years, mainframes have been the backbone of storing all data. Big Data has made lengthy strides and currently is a credible IT priority for businesses across the world. It offers tools, analytic specifications and software that can handle the large amounts of work. Due to the enormous amounts of data that is collected daily, mainframes remain the reliable key to data success.

As the study suggests, the average mainframe programmer is reaching the end of their career. These professionals house some of the most valuable IT mainframe knowledge which is crucial to pass along to the up and coming professionals taking over the industry. In addition to “grooming” future mainframers, vendors have started to build programs to generate excitement over enterprise IT to identify future mainframe talent at the high school and college levels. Read the blog to expand your thoughts and to find out ways to prevent the loss of IT information as a result of role transitions.