Mainframe and Mobility: Tools and Techniques for Complex Corporate Uses

Cloud and mobile are becoming intertwined in the computing environment. As a result, a greater reliance on the mainframe to manage both is growing. For that reason, new tools and product lines, such as the zEnterprise EC12, are being developed with an eye to managing both. Reviewers of zEC12 were impressed by many of its characteristics such as the better CPU performance, faster query function and its sophisticated data warehouse and analytics. All the better, according to IT analyst firm Ptak, Noel & Associates, to speed up “cloud deployment of mission critical workloads.”

Cloud and mobile entered the enterprise scene at roughly the same time, although early adoption of cloud computing happened faster. What is changing today is that mainframe operators are contending with mobile in a way that they didn’t have to a few years ago. Bring Your Own Device to Work, known as BYOD, has exploded as a trend in only the last few years and corporate apps for customer service and marketing are now ubiquitous—all of which have an impact on the mainframe.  

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