Mainframe and Mobility: Tools and Techniques for Complex Corporate Uses

In our industry, the paradigm is shifting from companies having complete control of information to not having a choice about surrendering access to just about any user-owned and managed device. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is causing a stir with mainframers. A new survey  by research firm Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC)  and, a company that specializes in security awareness training found the top three challenges with respect to BYOD deployment were: difficulty of management and support (63%); provisioning new applications (59%) and security (48%).

Although there are anxieties about BYOD, access to the mainframe in some way via BYOD is inevitable. Read the most recent SHARE President’s Corner blog post  written by veteran business journalist, Erika Morphy, to learn about other enterprise IT professionals’ worries, the benefits of BYOD and how you can prepare for a BYOD-focused future.