Mobile Devices and Their Impact on the Future

How will the growth and adoption of mobile devices affect the future of IT and organization management?

In a world where everyone seems to be focused on a mobile device, it is necessary to look at where we are now and forecast how the use of devices will impact the future. Staying up-to-date with industry and member needs, SHARE and GUIDE SHARE EUROPE recently conducted a survey on Mobile Computing. Mobile devices, which include BYOD, corporate-provided smart phones and media tablets are all primary communication distributors and providers. There are many issues that have made it challenging for IT to provide the best security, management and access to information.

SHARE’s research looks ahead and evaluates how the pervasive use of mobile devices will impact data centers as well as the state of integration between mobile applications and business-critical back-end data sources. IT now has more expectations to ensure communications are compatible for mobile devices since they are a primary source of information. The first portion of the survey covers internal issues with mobile devices, security management and the impact of mobile device and application deployment on organization/enterprise IT departments and infrastructure. The second portion covers mobile applications, and profiles the primary mobile application development platforms, the challenges in extending mobile applications, the testing, development and management of mobile applications, along with how IT organizations are addressing management of mobile applications.

View the Executive Summary of the survey. SHARE Members receive access to the full report when they login to with their user name and password. 

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