Register Today for SHARE's July Webcast: Solving Application and Network Issues with OMEGAMON® and NetView

Is your network providing the agility that business requires today? Are you having to manage new devices on your network? Is Network availability a concern? If you answered yes to any of these questions, attend this Webcast about the new release of Tivoli® NetView®.

Improving the productivity of resources across the enterprise may be essential for 24-7 network availability, but it's becoming increasingly difficult in very complex environments. These complexities can also be an obstacle to ensuring that IT is meeting its service level agreements (SLA) and providing the expected quality of service across your network.

As network complexities increase and IT shops integrate their IBM® System z® and distributed platforms, improved network management is essential to increase availability and improve utilization. In this Webcast, we'll discuss the value of improving network management and increasing network automation capabilities for System z, System p® and System x® platforms across both SNA and IP networks.

IBM will share with you features of the new NetView Version 6.1, which was released on May 27th. NetView V6.1 has key new capabilities requested by customers:

  • New Network/System/Job Log integration for enhanced operator usability and faster problem determination
  • Automatic capture of both NetView and z/OS system messages to enhance automation capabilities, providing more control and flexibility
  • Enhanced IP packet trace analysis to reduce the diagnostic time as well as mean time to repair for network problems
  • New high availability support with GDPS Active/Active for improved disaster recovery and resource utilization

This Webcast will discuss how the new NetView V6.1 along with OMEGAMON® can:

  • Ensure visibility to events impacting your environment using end-to-end network views
  • Give operators and administrators domain-specific views of the health of the network and system resources
  • Expedite problem diagnostics by shifting the detailed analysis of network problems from valuable IT personnel to enterprise-level tooling

Take advantage of this Webcast to understand how IBM's Integrated Service Management approach, with NetView V6.1 and OMEGAMON® can provide the visibility across your systems that you need to meet the increasingly complex business challenges.

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