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On June 24, IBM makes CICS Transaction Server V4.2 generally available. Announced on April 5, CICS TS V4.2 builds upon V4.1 enabling customers to compete in the marketplace, comply with regulations and policies and control costs and resources. This latest release offers significant new or enhanced capability in five key areas that ensure better value for CICS customers, including:

1. Events
2. Java
3. Connectivity
4. Management
5. Scalability

The extra value will be of particular interest to architects who are looking for compelling evidence that CICS is investing for the future and satisfying the needs of the business today and beyond. IT Managers have continued to focus on controlling costs and resources while maintaining service level agreements. Application programmers are looking for modern ways to write and deploy applications and system programmers want to be more productive, with faster diagnosis and implementation. CICS TS V4.2 addresses these points, such as the combination of system events and transaction tracking making it faster to identify and diagnose problems in your system. The JVM server provides significant performance improvements and when combined with the OSGi support, writing and deploying Java programs in CICS has never been easier. Additionally, new workload management algorithms distribute transactions more evenly across local and remote systems to improve the efficiency and simplify the creation of highly available CICSplex configurations. You can read much more about the value in the current edition of zJournal: High Performance Transaction Processing for the 21st Century.

Hear greater detail from CICS Technical specialists during a CICS TS V4.2 Performance Webcast on June 28 at 10:00 a.m. CDT, hosted by John Burgess, IBM Software Group, Application Integration and Middleware Software Performance. The Webcast will explore:

  • The new CICS mapping program to support Hardware Instrumentation Services
  • Performance comparison between CICS TS V4.1 and V4.2
  • IPIC for Transaction Routing
  • Function Shipping File Control requests
  • DPL. Java with the JVM server
  • Other performance changes in CICS V4.2

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