SHARE Live! is the Virtual Event Option for SHARE in Anaheim

SHARE in Anaheim kicked off yesterday and will continue through Friday. If you were not able to travel to the event, you can still be a part of the audience with SHARE Live!, the virtual event option.

SHARE Live! provides the latest enterprise IT best practices as well as on-demand access to recorded proceedings for six months post-event. SHARE Live! features sessions on a variety of topical areas including the keynote addresses. Each day will focus on an enterprise IT technical area as follows:

Monday: Big Data
Tuesday: System z Hardware
Wednesday: Big Analytics & Performance
Thursday: Cloud Computing
Friday: A Taste of SHARE

Sample sessions from SHARE Live! include:

  • Big Data: Turning Promise to Reality
  • zBX User Experience
  • System z Capacity Planning: Where the Mistakes Are
  • Behavioral Analysis & Predictive Analytics Meet
  • SLA’s, Prevent Problems, and Reduce Costs
  • The Dark Side of Cloud

View the complete list of SHARE Live! sessions.
SHARE Live! is broadcasting sessions live, as they happen from SHARE in Anaheim. Your colleagues are also able to attend SHARE Live! as access can be shared across your company. For more information and to register, visit