SHARE Webcast: CICS V5.1: Operation Efficiency and Service Agility Through Cloud Enablement

Join SHARE and IBM at 10:00 a.m. CDT on Thursday, November 8 for a complimentary webcast and learn how the latest innovations for CICS Transaction Server will help you deliver a smarter and more agile transaction processing experience to your business users. Speakers Fraser Bohm, Lead CICS Developer, IBM Software Group and Andrew Bates, CICS Product Line Manager, IBM Software Group will show how you can benefit from major enhancements such as Cloud-style CICS applications and infrastructure through Platform-as-a-Service, policy-based management, a new Web container and advancements in performance and scalability. This webcast, featuring CICS Transaction Server for z/OS® V5.1, will introduce exciting new capabilities and innovation throughout the CICS portfolio that will truly help shape the future of critical information systems on System z®.

Webcast topics include:

  • New CICS Application resource that delivers a breakthrough in agility of deployment
  • New CICS Platform resource that provides a validated environment in which to deploy CICS applications, and free staff resources
  • New CICS Policies, which are a declarative way of ensuring that applications and platforms continue to run effectively
  • New solutions for hosting web apps within CICS —closest to your data —making mobile applications lightning fast

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