SHARE in Boston: Tales from the Sessions

Technical sessions are the “heart and soul” of SHARE events. Whether you were able to attend SHARE in Boston last month or not, read about a few key takeaways from some of the most widely-attended sessions from the event in the latest President’s Corner blog post SHARE in Boston 2013 Journal: Tales from the Sessions.

Sessions covered include: 

MVS (a.k.a. z/OS) keynote: The Dynamic Data Center – Has IT Lost Control?, Michael Madden, General Manager, Mainframe, CA Technologies

Madden explained how organizations can put their modern workloads on System z. He highlighted the benefits including cost effectiveness, better performance, reliability, scalability, security and potential help with all things cloud, mobility and analytics.

Social Media, Privacy and Security Panel 

The panel discussed when being active on social media to make it clear that thoughts and actions are your own and not those of the company you work. As many individuals were attending SHARE in Boston on behalf of their respective companies, the discussion then turned to whether or not anything you do or say while representing your company at an event should/would reflect on just you or your company. 

Architecting your Career (Teching your Way to the Top!), Frank DeGilio, IBM Corporation

This session highlighted the men and women who work on the mainframe day in and out. Best session winner, Frank DeGilio highlighted ways that IT employees can help their careers. 

A few highlights included:

  • If you argue for your limitations, you will keep them.
  • Know what you’re worth (salary-wise). Know your value to the company.
  • Consider obtaining certifications to add to your value.
  • Everyone should be published. Write a blog. You have a vision, a perspective. Share it.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t just stay with what’s easy. Take a risk.
  • Be curious. Be humble. Be flexible.
  • Remember kindergarten rules. Th