SHARE in Pittsburgh is Your Advantage

SHARE in Pittsburgh is Your Advantage

SHARE in Pittsburgh combines user-driven technical sessions, insights from experts, access to industry leaders and IBM executives, and product highlights. With 500+compelling technical content sessions across the hottest topics, attendees can choose from a variety of user-focused and hands-on labs.

Hot topics include:





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“In one week you can learn so much about the role of advanced technology, from the developer to the executive and the key leaders. It’s the most economical way that you can keep up with the industry’s ever-changing technology.” 



-SHARE in Anaheim 2014 Attendee

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The business impact of SHARE participation – including increased simplicity, agility and cost efficiency – makes this event one of the best IT investments your company will make all year.

Through user- and vendor-lead sessions, workshops and hands-on labs, SHARE attendees learn the ins and outs of products to help save time and money while decreasing the chances of errors. The ability to learn directly from peers – both successes and what pitfalls to avoid – is the primary reason SHARE has brought attendees together for over 50 years. 

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