Save the Date for SHARE in Pittsburgh

Save the Date for SHARE in Pittsburgh

Experience education, community and influence at SHARE in Pittsburgh, August 3-8. Learn how to save time, energy and effort from other attendees’ success stories and lessons learned. 

As we mark the 50th anniversary of the IBM mainframe, our next SHARE host city, Pittsburgh, also commemorates a few noteworthy milestones. Milestones like celebrating 50 years of the innovative Pennsylvania Ballet and 50 years of its public transit agency, Port Authority of Allegheny County. 

Save the date today and join us in Pittsburgh this summer.

Pittsburgh: Mighty. Beautiful. Welcoming.

Pittsburgh is all this and more. Whether you're a fan of sports, the arts or craft beer, this city has something for you to enjoy - from brewery tours to baseball games at PNC Park (home of the Pittsburgh Pirates). For an idea of what you may enjoy while in town, check out 

Pittsburgh is within 500 miles of more than half the U.S. population and less than a 90-minute flight from 50 percent of North America's population. It's also easily accessible by car or train from 9 states, D.C. and Canada. 

Watch this video and find out why you cannot miss a week at SHARE in Pittsburgh.