Security and Analytics Are Big Focuses at SHARE in Anaheim

More than 1,000 people are expected to partake in more than 500 technical sessions across 20 tracks of content at SHARE in Anaheim next week.

In a recent IBM Systems Magazine article, SHARE President Brian Peterson discussed the focus and value of the user community’s event.

With 2014 being the 50th anniversary of the mainframe, there will be an emphasis on its past, present and most importantly, its future. A variety of sessions will focus on new releases, including z/OS, z/VM, CICS, IMS and DB2. 

SHARE sets itself apart by bringing together IBM, ISVs and users to one unique venue. Attendees hear multiple perspectives, while learning what worked and what didn’t.  Most importantly SHARE gives everyone an equal opportunity to present, exhibit and make the case for their point of view.

“A big part of SHARE is making contacts and meeting people who can help you. There are times when knowing the right person to call can save you days of “working through the system,” explained Peterson.