Student Career Day at SHARE Providence: A Student Perspective from an IBM’er

At SHARE Providence this August, more than 60 students from 16 colleges and universities from around the country participated in Student Career Day and competed in the Master the Mainframe Hackathon. With fun challenges to experience the power of z Systems in Application Development, competitors earned points towards prizes and had the opportunity to connect with IBM and Rocket Software experts. Troy Crutcher, a five-year SHARE volunteer and the IBM representative for the zNextGen Project, assembled a team of representatives from IBM, SHARE and Rocket Software to set up a day focused solely on these students and saw big results. Crutcher recounts that the success of Student Career Day proves that “with the right people and an exceptional amount of work, anything is possible.”

Learn more about how Crutcher and his team led SHARE’s biggest Student Career Day yet.