The Big Deal About Big Data

Businesses and individuals are generating data, all day, every day. Whether it's via our smartphone use, web searches, photo storage, video streaming, with each keystroke on our computers, each of us contributes to this amassing of data. In fact, it's estimated that the amount of data we generate will increase by 44% over the next ten years.

Veteran technology writer Pedro Pereira has taken a hard look at this emerging issue and developed a three-part series article exploring the Big Deal about Big Data.

In this series, Pereira explores the challenges of collecting, organizing and analyzing these volumes of unstructured data, as well as the hurdles that must be overcome in nearly every industry to manage this monstrous task over the next decade and beyond.

Follow his three-part series here, and let us know your thoughts, concerns and challenges on this topic. Check in later this week for further installments, including an upcoming feature conversation with industry experts discussing how some companies are securing and analyzing big data.

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