The IT Skills Shortage: Where will We Find Mainframe Talent?

By Joe Clabby, President of Clabby Analytics

As an information technology (IT) research analyst, I receive regular invites to industry events (because the event sponsors hope that I will share their stories with a broader audience). But my motivation for attending these events is to conduct information technology research. I have no qualms about approaching IT professionals whom I don't know (including teachers, students, IT practitioners, IT executives and vendors) and asking their opinions of various technologies, products and industry trends. And a high percentage of these individuals are usually willing to share their opinions (as long as I don't mention their organizations in my research).

One of my favorite events to attend is the SHARE user group meeting held twice a year at various locations in the United States. And the reason I enjoy this meeting so much is that a large number of seasoned IT professionals attend and speak at this event. These people are easy to approach, very knowledgeable and very candid.

Recently, the SHARE executive community asked me if I would be willing to do a little digging into what is "top-of-mind" amongst regular SHARE attendees when it comes to IT professional skills development. Click here to read more.