The State of Mainframe Security, One Year Into My New Journey Featuring Chad Rikansrud, Director of North American Operations for RSM Partners 

Twelve years ago a friend and mentor of mine, who also happened to be the head of infrastructure at my employer at the time, said something to me that would change my life. He said, “You think the mainframe is going away? I’m not going to try to convince you otherwise, you go do your own homework. And if you come back convinced it isn’t going away, then you should take this job. There are worse things than being one of the younger people who understand such a systemically important platform.” 

This was in response to a question I had at the time, which was, “Why would I want to tie myself to this antiquated, dying system?” That day, I did my homework and ultimately took the job of leading global data center operations for the bank.  A great deal of that role was learning to understand the technical heart of the company – IBM’s System Z® – or, the mainframe. 

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