When Mobility Meets the Mainframe – Securing it All

BYOD, or “Bring Your Own Device,” is a perq many employees enjoy; however, most studies and statistics say that companies should carefully evaluate security risks before allowing BYOD. In the final part of the three-part mobile blog series on the SHARE President’s Corner, Erika Morphy investigates mobile security issues. 

A Harris interactive survey  sponsored by ESET, an Internet security solution provider, found that more than 80 percent of 2,000 surveyed employed adults use some kind of personally-owned electronic device for work-related functions. The survey discovered that less than half of all devices in the BYOD category are protected by the most basic of security measures.

According to Bit9 CTO Harry Sverdlove, “That number is definitely not surprising. Right now such trends as Bring Your Own Device to Work and an ever-growing number of new mobile applications have turned security into the Wild West. They are still trying to get their arms around what it all means.”

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