Franz Launches Graph Database Security to Protect the Most Sensitive Data

Franz, an early innovator in AI and supplier of semantic graph database technology for knowledge graphs, has announced Triple Attributes for its semantic graph database, AllegroGraph. The feature provides the power and flexibility to address high-security data environments such as HIPAA access controls, privacy rules for banks, and security models for policing, intelligence and government.

According to Franz, AllegroGraph Triple Attributes for Security is easier to use and provides more expressiveness than security methods in relational databases or property graph databases, while avoiding performance degradations.

“Enterprises want the flexibility of graph databases, but they also want the security they have come to rely on with relational databases,” said Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz Inc. “Our new Triple Attributes gives organizations an elegant mechanism to implement the ultimate in graph database security.”

Graphs are particularly valuable in sectors such as life sciences, healthcare, financial services, government and intelligence because of the complex nature of the data and need for powerful, yet flexible data analytics. Graph databases allow visibility across the data – enabling organizations to share data and show how data is connected.

AllegroGraph’s Triple Attributes capabilities allow data to be made transparent to users based on roles, and provides the linking and discovery power of graph databases with the security of need-to-know access. This approach has the flexibility to implement HIPAA for the healthcare industry, the privacy rules for the financial industry and the government models and policies for classified information.

Semantic graph databases store their data in the W3C standards based Resource Description Framework (RDF) also known as "triples" (or quads).  Each node-link-node combination that forms the graph is stored in these standards compliant "triples." AllegroGraph Triple Attributes provides metadata for each individual triple. Typical uses of Triple Attributes are date, time, weight, security level, classification level, trust level and provenance information – although any user defined attribute is allowed. These attributes can be accessed in queries and graph algorithms and greatly expand the power of graph based applications. 

Triple Attribute Security is available in AllegroGraph v6.3, which also includes the ability for users to define Magic Properties so that they can connect from SPARQL to other databases, machine learning tools, and programming languages with a highly enriched application query environment; improvements and new features in AGWebView, including the ability to add data by pasting in a text area, new report dialogs which detail storage usage and other things, a new index management page; support for XQuery and XPath math functions; and CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) support.

For more information is available from Franz about AllegroGraph.