Infosys Information Platform Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Infosys, a provider of consulting, technology, and services, announced recently that its Infosys Information Platform (IIP) is now available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace (AWS Marketplace).

According to Abdul Razack, senior vice president and head of platforms at Infosys, IIP on AWS is helping its clients take advantage of the opportunity of faster big data analytics and more than 200 clients have already used IIP on AWS increased speed-to-insight.

The company cites Hershey's use of IIP on AWS to analyze retail store data. The chocolate manufacturer wanted to gain revenue-generating insight faster than a traditional analytics implementation could deliver, and was able to have its Hadoop landscape up and its data lake seeded for analysts in less than a week. Other examples of the IIP and AWS, Infosys says, include a  mining operator that uses real-time data analytics of IIP on AWS, ingesting and processing 27,000 messages per second, to predict which of its vehicles is about to fail so it can avoid unscheduled downtime, and an office automation vendor that used machine learning and in-memory computing capabilities of IIP on AWS to analyze more than two million records of previous purchases and identify customers with a propensity to purchase particular products and services.

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