Oracle Database Protection

Wikibon: Moving to Data Protection-as-a-Service   
Best practices for Oracle backup and recovery and new concepts introduced with Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (Recovery Appliance or ZDLRA) are considered by David Vellante, Co-Founder and CEO of Wikibon.

ESG: Oracle Delivers a Truly Purpose-Built Recovery Appliance   
Enterprise Strategy Group analysts evaluate the role of the Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance in a modern data protection strategy.

Josh Krischer & Associates: Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance - and Comparison with EMC Data Domain   
This white paper looks at the Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, which “offers an unparalleled approach to Oracle Database protection - one that virtually eliminates data loss and backup overhead that can protect thousands of databases and provide continuous real-time backup from system memory, so data can be recovered up to the last sub-second.”

Dragon Slayer Consulting: Alleviating Oracle Database DBA Data Protection Frustration   
The “issues surrounding Oracle Database data protection; why third-party RMAN integration has proven to be limited; and how Oracle is now taking matters into its own hands with its Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance,” are considered in this white paper, authored by Marc Staimer, President of Dragon Slayer Consulting.

Evaluator Group: Oracle’s Engineered Systems Approach to Maximizing Database Protection   
Evaluator Group’s John Webster looks at the current challenges in data protection and availability, as well as the role of Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, a data protection and recovery solution built specifically for Oracle Databases.

Taneja: Full Database Protection Without the Full Backup Pain Oracle's Cloud-Scale Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance   
This report, authored by Taneja Group technology analysts, reviews why conventional data protection approaches based on the backup window are becoming obsolete and how Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance provides “a unique approach to ensuring data protection in real-time, at scale, for thousands of databases and PBs of data.”

Silicon Angle: Recovery Appliance Helps Avoid Black Friday Data Loss  
SiliconANGLE's John Furrier writes about availability concerns in the retail sector in the ramp-up to Black Friday, and the role the Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance can play in eliminating stress about backup and recovery.

Oracle Database Backup Service. Stuff Happens. Stay Protected.
This infographic illustrates how database management and protection is becoming increasingly complex for DBAs, and how Oracle Database Backup Service can help.