Oracle Extends World’s Most Comprehensive Enterprise Cloud Portfolio

The Oracle Cloud Platform, a comprehensive, integrated suite of services that makes it easier for developers, IT professionals, business users and analysts to build, extend and integrate cloud applications, has been updated. More than 24 new cloud services have been added, including the Oracle Archive Storage Cloud Service, which provides storage for applications and workloads that require long-term retention at the lowest price in the industry. As a “deep cloud” archive, the Archive Storage Cloud is suited for infrequently accessed large-scale data sets, such as corporate financial records, medical and pharmaceutical archives, cultural preservation content, insurance records and digital film masters. The service, backed by enterprise-grade SLAs, enables organizations to access archived documents and data sets using industry-standard APIs, and integration with Oracle and third-party backup, archival and preservation software. It also provides an additional tier for on-premises Oracle storage systems, including ZS Series, FS Series and Oracle StorageTek tape solutions.
Press Release
Oracle also offers Oracle Storage Cloud Service and Oracle Database Backup Service as part of its storage portfolio.