COLLABORATE14-IOUG Forum Will Feature 50+ Enterprise Manager Sessions

By Kimberly Floss

Spring is approaching and what better time to focus on broadening your horizons?  Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c continues to increase in usage across the customer base, which means that we all have more to learn from each other.  If you join us at COLLABORATE 14-IOUG Forum, you can participate in-person in the 50+ sessions on using EM to help manage your environment, and talk to others to see what they are successfully implementing, where their challenges are, and what advice they have.   From tuning to capacity planning to the cloud to high availability, there will be something for everyone. 

Prior to COLLABORATE 14-IOUG Forum, please share your input on recommendations for the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c FeatureTalks.  I submitted my preferences, but I did have a hard time prioritizing them, as all the topics sounded good.

  • Using EM Harvester
  • Examples of EM Groups for security
  • Metric Extension use cases
  • EM log maintenance suggestions
  • Agent deployment options
  • Server sizing tips
  • Software library tips
  • SSl security

Whether your recommendation is selected for an Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c FeatureTalks at COLLABORATE 14-IOUG Forum or for a future webinar, please do take the time to share your input. 

As well, consider attending the upcoming webinar on “Using EM 12c to Monitor Database and Storage Together.”  It should be insightful since we have all experienced issues when the database seems to be running fine - if only we could improve our I/O throughput. The ability to monitor both together is beneficial for most of us. 

Database as a Service is something everyone is interested in learning about, and if you missed our webinar on the topic, you can catch up here and then review the Q&A on the topic in this issue.  The questions from the webinar were insightful and the answers were even better!  Pluggable databases in 12c will deliver reduced downtime and easier manageability. 

And, be sure you are plugged in to the EM 12c blog, with a great article on Cloud Implementations using Exadata.