Oracle News & Updates - February 10, 2016

How to use ORAchk to reduce your risk
Do you struggle with some of these problems?
  • If you have an outage the impact to on your business can be huge
  • How can you detect risks early to minimize business impact?
  • There are so many different problems, how do you know which ones occur most often and will impact you most?
  • You have a lot of systems and products, how do you manage risks effectively across your enterprise?
ORAchk has been designed to address these challenges, with the following capabilities:
  • Automated risk identification and proactive notification before business is impacted
  • Health Checks based on most impactful reoccurring problems across Oracle customer base
  • Lightweight & non intrusive Health Check framework for the Oracle stack
  • Runs in your environment - no need to send anything to Oracle
  • Scheduled email Health Check reports with drill down capability
This article will give you a quick overview of how to use ORAchk to reduce your risk.