2011 — Year of the Mobile Enterprise App?

Sybase recently shared the results of a new survey which shows that this year 90% of IT managers surveyed are planning to implement new mobile applications and nearly one in two believe that successfully managing mobile applications will top their priority list. In addition, a majority (82%) of IT managers share the belief that it would be beneficial - not detrimental - to host more of their mobile applications in the cloud, according to the survey findings. "The proliferation of new devices, coupled with the vast expansion of mobile applications used by consumers has paved the road for mobility solutions to enter the enterprise at the worker, workgroup, and workflow levels. Given all this, we expect 2011 to be the year of the transformation of the enterprise," says Dan Ortega, senior director product marketing, Sybase. "As evidenced by this survey, IT managers will be faced with greater complexities and requirements across the entire enterprise mobility framework, which is where a leading mobile solutions provider like Sybase can take an entire industry to the next level." For more information, go here.

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