Analytics Reinvented with Oracle

It's no longer enough to analyze numbers; it's about generating meaningful insights from all your data that lead to decisive actions and optimal business outcomes.

And what once required hand-crafted efforts and specialized skills is now significantly augmented with recommendations, predictions, natural language, and new insights.

The result: increased productivity, smarter decisions, and faster time to action for business, as well as lower cost, nimbler innovation, and eliminate IT bottlenecks.

DBTA recently held a webinar with Bob Dutcher, VP, Cloud Business Group, Oracle, who discussed recent innovations brought about by Oracle Analytics and what customers are doing now.

The big data landscape is constantly changing, Dutcher said, as 79% of executives fear disruption from highly agile driven upstarts.

Oracle Analytics Cloud can power the insights-driven enterprise, Dutcher explained. The platform offers three strategy pillars: expand insight consumption, deliver deeper and relevant insights, and accelerate time to insight.

Instead of the cost and complexity of the past, enterprises should embrace augmented analytics using embedded machine learning to discover insights.

With Oracle Analytics Cloud, businesses can find answers faster, discover deeper patterns, and enrich data automatically, Dutcher said.

It’s not an all or nothing strategy, he explained. Businesses should plan for a use-case driven approach for cloud BI an analytics for the foreseeable future.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.