At Last, a Compliance Cloud

IBM has released a new cloud-based solution that provides workload security for data and applications and automates reporting to assist with regulatory requirements.

The solution, IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization, is intended to simplify reporting demands for organizations in highly regulated industries and provide hardware-enhanced workload security.

The solution runs on VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud, taking advantage of the infrastructure automation jointly developed by IBM and VMware.

This advanced automation supports deployment and integration of Intel and HyTrust technologies with the unified SDDC platform from VMware so IBM clients can continue to use familiar tools to manage their workloads without having to retool or refactor applications.

With IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization, clients may benefit from continuous monitoring and real-time reporting to help address regulatory readiness and reporting for industry compliance standards such as PCI 3.0, HIPAA, and FISMA, among others, the vendor said.

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