Concerns About Security and Long-Term Costs are Drivers for Private Clouds

What are the key factors in organizations’ decisions to implement services via a private cloud versus a public cloud? According to a recent study of 262 data managers and professionals, most of whom are part of the IOUG, two out of three respondents point to the security and privacy concerns created by cloud. Thirty-seven percent also see advantages in terms of long-term costs over public clouds. Public cloud services may be cheaper up front since they only require monthly subscription or pay-by-use fees, but the long-term costs may exceed the initial investments in private cloud infrastructure.

The opportunities and challenges presented by the growing cloud computing phenomenon are addressed in the IOUG study, which was underwritten by Oracle and conducted by Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, Inc. IOUG members may access the full report by Unisphere Research by analyst Joe McKendrick here. The executive summary is also publicly available.