Debunking Mainframe Limitations with DevOps/AppDev Tools

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Top Features of Open DevOps/AppDev Modernization Tools

It’s clear that open DevOps/AppDev modernization tools help businesses bring applications and features to market faster, at lower costs and at less risk, but what features should companies look for when shopping for these technologies?

To start, organizations should look for an open DevOps/AppDev tool with a substantial library of ported open-source tools and languages with the ability to add and scale over time. These ported solutions should run on secure repository channels like Conda—which offers three levels of available security, including the most secure file channel option for air-gapped mainframes—or offer robust compliance and security systems for companies working from their own file channels or SMP/E. This is especially critical for businesses operating within highly regulated industries, like finance or healthcare. These organizations need a security system that is continuously kept up to date against the NIST National Vulnerability Database and scanned for both security vulnerabilities and conformance to proper open-source licensing prior to release. That way, teams will always know where their open-source technology is coming from, that it has been scanned, vetted, and tested, and falls within compliance and licensing standards while ensuring its authenticity and that it is tamper-free.

Businesses should also look for DevOps/AppDev tools that offer commercial opensource support to minimize the need for DIY remediation and maintenance, as well as reduce system vulnerability created by waiting for CVE fixes or version currency updates. Open-source support often allows businesses to receive immediate access to CVE fixes and version currency updates that usually take months to obtain.

With no industry insusceptible to growing consumer needs and quickly shifting market demands, the need for agile and flexible software such as open source to best leverage data, speed processes, and bring products to market quicker is greater than ever. However, businesses working within mainframe infrastructures that have historically lacked integration with open-source solutions should not feel obligated to upend operations for more compatible cloud-based models or spend a lot of money maintaining separate mainframe DevOps infrastructures. Thanks to open DevOps/AppDev solutions, businesses can now bring the flexibility and accessibility of open source directly to the mainframe while ensuring continued compliance and the security of their most valuable data.

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