Dispelling Data Encryption Myths: A Risk-Based Approach to Security Management

High-profile data breaches at major corporations and the usual assortment of state government agencies and educational institutions have highlighted the value of encrypting data, yet breach numbers continue to spike and big losses are becoming more common, writes Protegrity's Gordon Rapkin in the October issue of Database Trends and Applications. In fact, he notes, the market is now so saturated with stolen data that the price of each record has dropped from a high of $16 in 2007 to less than 50 cents today. While true end-to-end protection may be challenging to achieve in a large, complex, multi-entity environment, Rapkin explains that the key is to use a risk-based methodology, balancing security with the pragmatic business needs and IT challenges, to determine the proper level of protection for the different classes of data collected, stored and used by an individual company.

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