Entering the Metaverse Reality: How IoT Digital Twin Technology Will Lead to the Synchronization of the Human and Digital Worlds

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Data-Driven Software—the Essential Building Block of a Growing Metaverse Ecosystem

Agile and flexible enterprise software is essential for organizations to truly realize the potential of digital twin technology. An effective digital twin strategy requires the support of software geared toward data-driven decision-making.

As Deloitte explains in its technology analysis, “some software companies are making significant investments in cloud-based platforms, IoT, and analytics capabilities that will enable them to capitalize on the digital twin trend. Some of these investments are part of an ongoing effort to streamline the development of industry-specific digital twin use cases.”

Much of the data required for digital twin technology sits within supporting business applications. There, assets are mapped within enterprise software such as historical maintenance data, work orders, and original engineering and design data. In some cases, supporting enterprise applications act as a digital twin of certain processes, while in others the enterprise software could be the source of the digital twin.

"All Good Things Come in Twos"

With the popularity of digital twins showing no sign of slowing, it is clear to see that the gap will continue to close between the digital and physical words, helping industry organizations take a step into a meta-driven future. For those asset-intensive industries not willing to be left behind, the right software building blocks will be essential to bringing life to digital twins in the metaverse—helping unearth new insights in both the physical and digital realm of predictive maintenance.

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