Enterprises Now in ‘Arms Race’ Against Sophisticated Hackers

Only a fifth of IT decision makers in large corporations are confident that their organization is fully prepared for the threat of cyber-criminals. The vast majority of companies feel constrained by regulation, available resources, and a dependence on third parties when responding to attacks, according to new research from BT and KPMG.

The report finds that, while 94% of IT decision makers are aware that criminal entrepreneurs are blackmailing and bribing employees to gain access to organizations, roughly half (47%) admit that they don't have a strategy in place to prevent it.

"The industry is now in an arms race with professional criminal gangs and state entities with sophisticated tradecraft,” said Mark Hughes, CEO of security for BT.

The BT-KPMG report also shows the need for budgets to be adjusted, with 60% of decision makers reporting that their organization’s cyber security is currently financed by the central IT budget while half of those (50%) think it should come from a separate security budget. The conclusions of the research point to the need to change mindset and to regard security not simply as a defense exercise.

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